Destiny’s The Rise of Iron DLC: Is it too soon to not be excited?

Destiny’s The Rise of Iron DLC: Is it too soon to not be excited?

Is it too late?

I am interested to see whether or not the Rise of Iron DLC will breathe some life into an already dead corpse that Destiny is/has become. Once again Bungie has showed off a wildly enticing package but I personally, even through my boyish love for the game, am forcing myself not to grab hold with 2 hands in fear that I might get burnt once again.

For me it feels like familiar tragedy… but with Chris Schelrf, previous lead writer of Mass Effect, now at the creative helm of Destiny, we could see a complete 180 turn around. A turn around that the Destiny community deserves. Of course, he had complete control over Mass Effect – which is a far more realised universe. Destiny, is the complete opposite and it will take more than a new, albeit vastly accomplished, lead writer to sort out its retrospective issues.

Thusly, I will repeat myself, “Is it too late?”

The Rise of Iron DLC brings a ton of new content, including an all-new setting dubbed The Plaguelands, a new Social Space that overlooks The Plaguelands, a new six-player Raid, dubbed “Felwinter’s Peak”, a new Strike, more Quests, Weapons, Armour, a Light Level increase, a new Multiplayer Mode (with new Maps), and a brand new mutated enemy faction of the Fallen, and more….

But hold on…. We have had this before…. It was called The Taken King. All of it was the same except for Social Space. To be honest I couldn’t care less for the Social Space. It’s just another area that I need to go to in order to pick up bounties. The Taken King was a great DLC, true. But then again, it honestly couldn’t get any worse after The Dark Below and to a lesser extent, The House of Wolves.

I do not have high hopes for The Rise of Iron DLC, the current Destiny Universe and its further expansions. Watching the trailer again, it looks like the devs really cribbed from Game of Thrones. Bear with me: there’s a wall, enemies/monsters behind the wall, wolves, a hero with a hammer (be thankful it is not a sword), and he has a fur collar.

Is this sounding at all familiar to you? Maybe Bungie figures that everybody loves GOT, so everybody will love Destiny too.

There are no details regarding the new multiplayer mode for Crucible at the present moment. But one thing can be said for sure: it will either be hit or miss. Bungie has been very successful in their highly competitive modes, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, but their success could be owed to the high value drops that can be achieved. The actual Gameplay in Iron Banner is extremely laggy and Trials of Osiris is littered with Hunters running Nightstalker Classes and the infamous Wombo Combo. Still, even with these problems these modes are the most popular.

It would be nice to see Bungie revert back to the original Crucible net code when introducing the new multiplayer mode whether it may be competitive or not. I, along with many others, would like it to be a competitive mode because that is how we achieve high value gear. Unfortunately, in the standard Crucible Playlist all the drops received is plus minus 290 light level drops. This does not warrant extra playtime due to sub-par rewards.

Bungie will have to do a lot more to Destiny to persuade the masses to put that disc back in. As for me, I will play my Trials of Osiris on Friday nights and maybe a few hours on Saturday, and the Saturday and Sunday during Iron Banner week.

Other than that there is no reason for me to play Destiny and not even the Rise of Iron DLC seems like it will change my current schedule at all. I would rather divert my attention to other games.

Check the trailer Destiny: Rise of Iron:

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