This will Mech your day. Free to play shooter Hawken, arrives on PS4 and Xbone!

This will Mech your day. Free to play shooter Hawken, arrives on PS4 and Xbone!

Hawken is mech sim in the veins of the classic Mech Warrior series (not nearly as complicated though) and Titanfall.  It arrived on PC back in 2012, and set a new standard for the free to play mulitplayer game– garnering award and recognition, for graphics, presentation, gameplay and extensive lore deemed worthy for graphic novels and even a film adaptation.

And after much begging and pleading from the console community, it’s finally meching its way (no more mech puns, I promise) to Sony and Microsoft’s flagship systems. The game itself is brilliant — with Indy sensibilities and AAA aesthetics. It stands as a paradigm for what the combination of free to play and shooter, should be — with paid content only being cosmetic and wins determined by skill and not RNG mechanics.

So, if you love mechs (who doesn’t?), have been put off by Overwatch’s silly price tag, or Destiny’s ridiculous random loot, this is a shooter that might be worth waiting for…

And it drops on 8 July. Amped!

“PS4 and Xbox One owners, you won’t have to wait until October’s Titanfall 2 for a fast-paced mech game with plenty of hot metal-on-metal action and explosions. Hawken is coming to console; July 1 for Xbox One, and July 8 for PS4.


Much like EA’s own robotic combat series, Hawken straps players into the cockpits of hulking machines that stride and boost across the battlefield at impossibly fast speeds, using heavy weapons to decimate their enemies. In other words, this isn’t a slow-paced tactical positioning game, this is a twitch-reaction FPS.


You may notice that I haven’t listed a price. Hawken is free to play, with players able to spend their real-world cash to avoid grinding and unlock weapons and gear faster. The only items that cannot be earned and must be bought using real-world currency are cosmetic unlocks.


Even if you checked out Hawken before (say, between 2012 and 2014 while it was under the care of Adhesive Games) the console version should feel different. There will be 30 playable mechs, nearly double the count from 2014, and new developer Reloaded Games has plans to implement a stronger narrative in the future. In the meantime though, just enjoy the pew-pew.”

SOURCE: GamesRadar+

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