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Destiny Trials of Osiris Hiatus

Destiny Trials of Osiris Hiatus

Destiny’s definitive test of skill and team play game mode is taking a break and will be removed from the weekend rotation till Rise of Iron is released. Trials of Osiris pits 2 teams of 3 against each other in an elimination style gauntlet. The ultimate prize lies in the Lighthouse on Mercury which is achieved by “going flawless”, 9 straight wins. This monumental challenge rewards the victors with the Weapons, Armor pieces, a Shader and a Emblem tailored to going flawless in Trials of Osiris. Only a few teams of guardians have tasted the sweetness of the ultimate victory.

Trials of Osiris taking a break has come as a blessing in disguise for me and many other guardians. As a veteran of Trials of Osiris (many, MANY flawless runs), I have watched the meta of the mode change over time. Primary gun skill has been replaced with Quickdraw Sniper Rifles and camping in spawn. Gone are the days of an all out fight where gun skill and reaction time would win your battle. Now you sit in your spawn with sniper rifles and hardscope the corners. Tell me how much skill do you need to do that?

Due to this scrubbish style of play, I have refrained from playing Trials of Osiris. The last time I played was over a month ago, which ended with my Titan and Warlock both reaching The Lighthouse in 90min. Tip to you all: If you come across scrub-lord tactics, use Titan Lightning Grenades and Warlock Firebolt Grenades (with Touch of Flame and Viking Funeral) — not to kill, but to force your unworthy opponent out into the open. That way, you can get up close and vanquish them with your primary. Remember to take your time.

I don’t have a clue as to what Bungie has to do to change the current meta in Trials of Osiris. Guardians are screaming to have sniper rifles nerfed but that would change the game as a whole. Imagine doing a raid with ineffective snipers — it would be near impossible to get up close.

Maybe a half nerf in the vein of the current meta’s auto rifles (they do more damage to AI than to other Guardians) would keep snipers relevant for the main game, but eliminate their status as a crutch for player-versus-player content. As for Universal Remote, it needs to be removed totally from the game or nerfed to that of the current shotguns in the secondary slot. The sniper and Universal Remote combination allows lower skilled players to all of a sudden “warrior” through opponents with no problem.

I stand by my solution, and my colleagues agree with me, that Destiny’s system would be far better with separate loadouts for PVE and PVP. The community would probably riot as is their way. But I think that a system such as Halo’s would encourage more balance, and far less cheese. It would also eliminate the constant meta realignment that Destiny players have experienced since halcyon days of ruling the Crucible with SUROS Regime, Hawkmoon and the Vex Mythoclast. What if those guns couldn’t be used in PVP at all from the beginning, and all players had to pick from the same table? Wouldn’t the competitive play be a lot more skill-based, fair and exciting?

Anyway these are all stories for another day…

I will patiently wait till Trials of Osiris is rebooted with Rise of Iron, and see what has transpired during the break. Trials of Osiris will be going on a hiatus from 2 September 2016 till 30 September 2016. As for the DLC, Guardians will not be able to participate in Trials without purchasing the Rise of Iron DLC. Which really means that the handful of Destiny players on Xbox 360 and PS3 will now have to purchase a Xbox One or a PS4 and import their account in order to carry on with their Destiny “story”.

On the plus side, Bungie has released an upgrade version for Legacy Players (Xbox 360 and PS3) called Destiny – The Collection Upgrade which costs R249-00 and includes Destiny, The Dark Below DLC, House of Wolves DLC, The Taken King DLC, Rise of Iron DLC and the Rise of Iron Pre-Order Bonus (Iron Gjallarhorn and Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow). Not too bad for R249-00.

As for Trials of Osiris, I am excited to see what “year 3” Trials of Osiris has to offer. I will take my characters for one more run each today to say good-bye to “year 2” Trials of Osiris.

See you all on the battleground…..


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