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Destiny’s Competitive Future… featuring “Ghost Bullets”

Destiny’s Competitive Future… featuring “Ghost Bullets”

13 September 2016 see’s hosting the first Competitive Destiny match-up using the new Private Matches feature that will be included in the Rise of Iron DLC. This marks a gigantic leap forward for the franchise, as this will be available for all. Previously Red Bull attempted to turn Destiny into an eSport platform but that required Developer consoles to achieve. Thus, those Red Bull match-ups were more of an exhibition than an eSport contender.

Honestly, how can we accept a game like Destiny into the eSport realm? If you look at Call of Duty and Halo, which are the competitive console first person shooters, they are specifically tailored toward this application. Destiny, however, is not. Right off the bat, Call of Duty is balanced in weaponry and requires building your loadout with certain attachments, which everyone has. The same thing can be said about Halo as all weapons are available for everyone to use and on a level skills-based playing field, they are balanced.

Destiny weapons, on the other hand, are reliant on perks achieved via Random Numbers Generator (or RNG — the bane or boon of your existence, depending on your luck). This simply means that even though we have the same weapons, mine is better since my perks make it better. Headseeker on a Pulse Rifle is the perfect example. Call of Duty and Halo requires skill whereas Destiny requires luck of the draw. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of skillful Destiny players… but they can get outgunned by lower skilled players because of perks. Does that sound like an eSport game?

Trading is a massive issue in this game’s meta, too. Unfortunately, I’m not referring to item trading (which would be brilliant in Destiny — make it happen Bungie), but rather kill trading or the mutually assured destruction of two players firing upon each other. Kill trading should never happen in an eSport game. The only way that you should die after killing an opponent is via a miracle grenade, another opponent’s crossfire, or in the case of Destiny, the aftermath of a super. In Call of Duty, players trade in modes like Search & Destroy simply means leveling out the number of players still alive — not 2 players killing each other.

As for “Ghost Bullets”… Illuminati Confirmed. They do exist. Yes, Lag is terrible in Destiny but you know all those 1v1 straight up battles you had in the bag, but for some unknown reason got destroyed? “Ghost Bullets” are to blame for all of them. Simply put, RNG now dictates bullet registration. Not only are the weapon/armor/artifacts/ghosts based on a lottery-style reward system, but so is your aim/bullet registration and accuracy causing you to miss completely or receive “body shot” numbers for a critical hit.

tripleWRECK recently made a video explaining “Ghost Bullets”.

Bungie has ignored the presence of “Ghost Bullets” until today, 13 September 2016. Bungie released a press release explaining “Ghost Bullets” it reads as follows:

“Hello Destiny community!

Due to a recent resurgence in feedback about “Ghost Bullets” we wanted to take a minute to explain how and why the weapons in Destiny behave the way that they do…

“Ghost Bullets” is a community-coined term that is being used to describe the frustration of missing the intended target due to weapon stats. The bullets aren’t disappearing, they just aren’t hitting the bullseye. Internally, we would call this specific aspect of a weapon “Accuracy,” which is one of the values embedded in the Range Stat of every Destiny weapon.

When looking at Destiny weapon archetypes, we wanted players to be able to assume a weapon’s traits through visuals and an intuitive understanding of how weapons work. Players can make the assumption that barrel length, and stability (stock) will affect the accuracy of a weapon class. These types of distinctive behaviors make for fun and interesting choices within the action simulation.

In short, Hand Cannons, with a relatively short barrel and no stock, are not intended to be long range precision weapons like a Scout Rifle or a Sniper Rifle. Instead they are big, heavy, pistols that pack a large punch. If you can control the kick, and close on your targets during combat, you will likely (as our friend Variks says) “Kill them dead.”

We want to very sincerely say that this communique is not meant to be argumentative or belittle any of the consistent feedback we’ve received on the subject. Regardless of how “correctly” the game systems are working, the core message is that shooting a Hand Cannon during high skill gameplay can feel inconsistent and/or frustrating for people. We hear you, and we are always looking to improve on that experience.

While it’s unlikely that we would completely remove Accuracy as a concept from Destiny weapons, we will investigate alternative options to balance Hand Cannons vs. other weapon archetypes. Destiny is a game that will evolve as players push, pull, and build the world.

You are wonderful people, the best community, and passionate about this game in a way that pushes us to always be our best. Thank you for playing, and thank you for reading.”


Watching tripleWRECK’s video and then reading the press release, it is clear that Bungie is talking the biggest load of rubbish. It is very clear in tripleWRECK’s video that even in a controlled environment where both players are standing dead still, the bullets actually completely miss the target even though the reticle is placed in the center of the opponent’s head. tripleWRECK uses an Eyasluna with Snapshot, Eyasluna with Rifled Barrel, The Last Word with Soft Ballistics and Perfect Balance, Shadow Price with Injection Mold, Party Crasher +1 with Reinforced Barrel and Thorn with Accurized Ballistics and Send It.

With only this select information and comparing it to other FPS eSport titles, how can we honestly expect a game that is so erratic to be an eSports title or a contender to titles that have been specifically refined for eSports?

Remember I am one of the biggest Destiny fans out there. I am well-versed in Destiny PVE and PVP. My total playing hours is well over 2300. So do yourself a favor, separate your love for the game and compare it with other eSports FPS titles and see how well Destiny weighs up.

You can catch the MLG Livestream on:

Tuesday, September 13th

7PM South African Time


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  1. EmoKyloRen
    EmoKyloRen 13 September, 2016, 14:01

    Just a friendly suggestion, maybe try to stay more objective in these articles, this came off very one-sided and angry. Anyway, that aside, I think it’s a great idea, just because something is new doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Hearthstone has massive RNG yet is a huge eSport. Not that comparing Hearthstone and Destiny works, but then again that’s kind of my point. Not everything is going to be CS:GO or Overwatch, new is good too. The RNG in destiny involved in accuracy is also not extremely major, it’s not like it negates skill, in fact some might argue that a gun having random accuracy stats is more realistic as irl guns don’t fire the exact same spot even if you strap them down in the same position.

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    • Tenflare
      Tenflare 13 September, 2016, 14:51

      Destiny is a sci-fi, fantasy shooter with space wizards, fire hammers and hand-held railguns. It’s not ARMA, so real life gun mechanics don’t apply both because the game takes place in the future and because competitive gaming shouldn’t be realistic because it’s unfair on the players.

      Furthermore, it is negating for both skill and realism when a shotgun just misses inexplicably.

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