Samsung S10 display pixels density to be over 600 ppi

by ghostza | May 15, 2018 8:41 am

2019 will see the new Galaxy S10. It will be the 10th anniversary of the series and I am sure they will be wanting to do something big for the landmark unveil.

According to rumors the S10 will have more than (wait for it)…… 600ppi. That’s amazing. The S9 has a pixel density of 570 ppi. For Samsung to achieve this they would have to either shrink the screen size or Amp up the resolution. I don’t see them making the screen smaller so increasing the resolution would probably be the way to go.

It’s not clear to what resolution they would go but the best way forward would be 4K.

This would make for amazing gaming on a mobile device, for all you mobile gaming fans.

Well this is all rumor and all we can do is wait and see. Either way Samsung will be king.

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