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About Ghost


The Ghost definition…

Peruse the site and it’s obvious, we are gamers. Although Ghost is not just about gamers and gaming. Ghost represents the spirit inside. The driving force. The passion behind each individual and the camaraderie between communities.  

We (all of us) represent the quest and the grind, the blue and the red, the shift and the alt. We wage war. We strategize. We plot, raid and create, whilst the rest of the world slumbers. We are gamers. And this is our story, our drive, and our spirit…

This is our Ghost.

A Brief history

Ghost was formed back in 2012 through a collaborative partnership forged in the fires of online multiplayer lobbies. We met as allies and sometimes as foes but in the end we formed friendships. As online friends we found each possesses various professional talents and experience. Thus we figured, ‘AVENGERS ASSEMBLE’… although not really. This ish took months of planning and building to get here…. And it’s only the beginning.

The site

So now you know why gaming is such a big part of our brand. Gaming is not a hobby. it’s a culture – a culture as full and rich as anything else. This understanding is the crux of what Ghost is. And it is our goal, as gamers ourselves, to provide your Spirit with a home. In addition we realised our preferred past-time has become a considerably expensive hobby thus we teamed up with the biggest distributors in SA and abroad to bring you some of the best prices on hardware, peripherals, games and digital codes.

Beyond gaming

Everything here is curated to feed your Gamer’s Spirit but we are expanding beyond those confinements and introducing a plethora of other passions and geekery as part of our content/retail offering…

Our dream

From the products that give you the edge, to the articles & stories that lend impetus to your journey, we want to be part of it all. We’re building a multimedia network where all our voices can be collectively heard – like an army of Commander Shepard’s – screaming  “I will not stop playing.”

So gather your allies, ration your potions, summon your demons and invoke the spirit.

Because we are Unbalanced and we are Overpowered. We are Ghost.



Sometimes we write stuff. Most of the time it’s good. Articles can range from simple reviews, to deep thoughts about the direction of the industry itself, to manic rants about nothing in particular. One thing they share though, is that they’re filled with gaming gees. Are you? Well, you will be. You will moan as our gaming gees penetrates…… just click the link, ok?

If you’re a keen writer, and a keen gamer/geek, feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to feature your work on our site.


GhostZA provides our customers (end user & businesses alike) 24/7 access to gaming and hardware requirements and have representatives in JHB, PE & CPT to assist.

You play games, right? Do you need an edge? Do you need better graphics? Do you need everything you own to be covered in carbon fibre and blinking green LEDs? Whatever you’re into (besides most of the butt stuff) we have it. And you can buy it right here.


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I knew from an early age that even though I could easily hit a six in soccer, I’d never go on to go pro in sports and land a sponsor. My hero, Cristiano Beckham would be very disappointed… If I didn’t land these. Read about ‘em. They’re such generous souls.


Images that move. Vibrations in the air only your speakers and ears can detect! Is this an ad for a 1950s television? No! It’s GhostZA’s audio visual content! We stream things from one place to another. And if you happen to be where another is, you’re sorted! Like it. Subscribe to it. SEND US PRESENTS or just send yourselves… if you’re keen to get involved, be featured and/or want to be credited. 


We’re fans of other news sites. Hell we’re friends with some of them too. Personally I miss a certain movie buff’s belleh but haven’t missed the rotten stench of a particular Ed. Anyhoo the point is we have no intention to compete with others directly. Journo wars shall be left to the fleshies. Whether they’re lazy meat piles, rotten undead corpses or isolated behind their fortresses… we’re ghosts and all ‘bout dat spirit(s)! Haha kidding, kidding… they’re good guys…. mostly. But seriously if any of them tease us by quoting the Ghostbusters flick then we’re haunting their forums with trailers to the latest film!