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Rambling Review: Time is Still Running Out….

Hello everyone and welcome to the third installment of THE RAMBLING REVIEW.   RIGHT HERE…on ghostza.co.za.   Today we will be delving deeper into the road to Secret Wars. As you can recall the first bit was a slow build.

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The Titanfall 2 Open MP Tech Test is Here!!

Aaaaaand there’s a party in my pants right now as Electronic Arts Inc. have sent out mails inviting Xbox One and PS4 players to mech up for their tech test. CALLING ALL PILOTS Join us for the Titanfall 2 Open

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Radeon™ GPUs win big in DirectX® 12 with async compute

Last week Ashes of the Singularity™ was updated with comprehensive support for DirectX® 12 Asynchronous Compute. This momentous occasion not only demonstrated how fast Radeon™ GPUs are in DirectX® 12 games, but how much “free” performance can be gained with

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The Division 1.1 Update Notes Leaked, Global Illumination & Lighting Fixed

The preload for Tom Clancy’s The Division became available today and the notes for the first 1.1 Update have been leaked on Reddit. Particularly interesting is the fact that the fixes include “several lights that did not cast Global Illumination”

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Leaked List Of Windows 10 Game IDs Suggests That Forza Horizon 3 & Scalebound Are Coming To The PC

We’ve heard a lot of rumours surrounding Forza Horizon 3 and Scalebound coming to the PC, and from the looks of it these two titles will be indeed coming to the PC. A list of Windows 10 game IDs in

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