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Rambling Review: Time is Running Out

Welcome back true believers, to another edition of the Rambling Review. Right here on ghostza.co.za Today you will get further down the winding road that will take us to Secret Wars (2015). We will be covering the first part the

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Russians made a Superhero film and there’s a KGBeast

So yeah basically I’m too tired to write a well researched piece on this but yeah… Russia made it. Comes out next year apparently (2017). Looks like an instant cult classic and sure a bit of an Avengers ripoff but so

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Rambling Review: Marvel’s Secret Wars (2015) – The Beginning of the End

Hello true bel…uhm…hello. Welcome to the new weekly series of comic book recaps RIGHT HERE on ghostza.co.za. For the last decade or so superhero films have been at the centre of the Hollywood blockbuster molestation through mediocre on-screen adaptations  of

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Film Review: Suicide Squad

A little backstory/context from the source material (these are not technically spoilers for anyone who’s read any comics, watched animated series/films or just happened to see the damn trailer for the film so hold off on your bitching mmmmkay! The

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Con-Ect 2016 event coverage

While many will know that last weekend saw the second Electronics & Games Expo (EGESA) in Cape Town at the CTICC, our fam down in Port Elizabeth had their very own weekend festivities, Con-Ect. Although not as large as EGE,

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