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Battlefield 1 Cape Town Launch

Yeah yeah I know, we’re a little behind on this one but Battlefield 1 has launched and it’s fantastic – play the campaign! Seriously… this is the war game we’ve all needed to end all war games! lol ok maybe

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The Titanfall 2 Open MP Tech Test is Here!!

Aaaaaand there’s a party in my pants right now as Electronic Arts Inc. have sent out mails inviting Xbox One and PS4 players to mech up for their tech test. CALLING ALL PILOTS Join us for the Titanfall 2 Open

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Microsoft confirms date and time for its E3 2016 press conference

Microsoft will be hosting its annual E3 conference at its usual time. The conference will take place at 9:30 am pacific, 4:30 GMT on Monday , June 13 . The company revealed this in an email to gamespot in an

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