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Destiny Rise of Wood

A mere 18 hours ago Bungie released the Official Launch Trailer of Destiny Rise of Iron and I must say, I am wet– they should have called it “The Rise of Wood”. You are now saying “But Shaq, they released

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Destiny Trials of Osiris Hiatus

Destiny’s definitive test of skill and team play game mode is taking a break and will be removed from the weekend rotation till Rise of Iron is released. Trials of Osiris pits 2 teams of 3 against each other in

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Destiny’s The Rise of Iron DLC: Is it too soon to not be excited?

Is it too late? I am interested to see whether or not the Rise of Iron DLC will breathe some life into an already dead corpse that Destiny is/has become. Once again Bungie has showed off a wildly enticing package

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