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GhostZA EGE2016 SA Games Panel

Damn! Toxic Bunny was a long time ago… Since then, game development in South Africa has gone from strength to strength. In fact today, it’s A LOT bigger than many of us realise, with the universally acclaimed indy masterpiece Broforce

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Con-Ect 2016 event coverage

While many will know that last weekend saw the second Electronics & Games Expo (EGESA) in Cape Town at the CTICC, our fam down in Port Elizabeth had their very own weekend festivities, Con-Ect. Although not as large as EGE,

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Clan Profile: ViNCO Gaming Interview

If you follow South African eSports, communities, tournaments or any SA based gaming websites then you already know who these guys are and you should have an idea as to why the the hell we love them. eSports in South Africa

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